Imagine with 1 Click you could save 1 Life.

This is is the aim of 1Click1Life. With 1 click you embark upon a global treasure hunt and in the process you will learn information that could save lives. So have fun saving the world.

1Click1Life is a game and awareness campaign that brings together people, charities and businesses to solve urgent humanitarian issues.   1Click1Life was started because during the 2011 famine in Somalia there was a lot of apathy and donor fatigue. People  witnessing horrific images day after day began to block it out, resulting in no action being taken. 1Click1Life seeks to  remedy  this by creating a fun and engaging game that when played will inform participants about humanitarian issues. 1Click1Life creates a Win-Win-Win situation for participants, charities and businesses. Participants have fun, businesses get exposure and most importantly charities benefit from the increased awareness which leads to more donations and lives saved.


Participants enjoy playing with their friends as they embark upon a global quest to find real buried treasure. The game is simple, solve the riddles, get the clues and find real treasure.  Check out How To Play.  In the process participants learn about humanitarian issues in a matter of fact way and are given the tools to take action so that they can save lives.


1Click1Life  brings information and awareness to humanitarian issues to people who might not otherwise be exposed to that kind of information.

The idea for 1Click1Life came about during the 2011 famine in Somalia and surrounding areas, and as such the first campaign will be to highlight the continuing turmoil in the region and what charitable organizations are doing in the region.

Beyond that depending on if an urgent humanitarian issue emerges and what our volunteers what to promote, an issue will be chosen. Causes on the short list are human trafficking, abuse, cancer, HIV and civil war.  Once a cause has been chosen, we will then look for a specific instance. So for example in the case of human trafficking we will pick a specific region where human trafficking is happening i.e.   Bangladesh and then focus our campaign on that region and the specific charities doing work in that region.


By bringing awareness to a cause it naturally increases donations to charities which is 1Click1Life’s ultimate goal. The charities we pick to promote are established, reputable charities that are actively working to solve the issue. For example the charities that we have choose to promote for the Somalia campaign are Action Against Hunger, Oxfam and Red Cross. Whenever we promote charities we give users a little bit of information on what they are doing and a link to the charities donation page. Donations are made directly at the charity site and at no time will 1Click1Life accept any donations for the cause.


1Click1Life relies on sponsors for prizes and marketing expenses so that we can bring a message to a broader audience. Sponsors benefit by gaining exposure and having their company associated with a good cause. Each blog post has the majority of the message dedicated to the game, cause and charities, however a small portion is reserved for the sponsors of the campaign. If you are interested  in becoming a sponsor for one of our future campaigns please contact us.  By forming a synergistic relationship between participants, charities and businesses, 1Click1Life brings to light issues that might once have been left in the dark and saves lives.