What is Corporate Social Synergy?

Corporate Social Synergy (CSS) is a paradigm that creates a win-win-win scenario between corporations, social organizations and the community. CSS enables social causes and corporations to achieve their respective goals in a synergistic fashion while engaging the community in a fun and entertaining way to bringing about awareness to social issues.
Corporate Social Synergy enables business to grow while making the world a better place, that’s the whole point of CSS. In contrast to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), CSS encourages corporations to engage and promote social causes that has no direct connection to the business itself. So there is no direct correlation between a business bottom line and implementing a corporate policy that directly saves or makes the company money! The causes that are promoted are for the benefit of the social organizations.
The benefit for the social cause is clear: greater visibility and awareness for their cause. The benefit for the company is: greater awareness and brand recognition resulting in customer affinity to the corporation. The benefit for the community is also clear: The community get to learn about pressing social issues in a fun and engaging way. Each respective party that is a participant in CSS has responsibilities.




  • Commit to allocating a portion of their marketing budget to bring awareness to social causes
  • Co-brand their product(s) to promote charities
  • Provide the community with a services/products that is of the highest standard

Social Organizations

  • Manage and allocate funds appropriately
  • Implement and execute a process that address the social issue in the most effective way possible
  • Provide 1Click1Life with information, marketing material to disseminate and educate how the community can help with this particular social cause.


  • Learn about social issues
  • Support corporations that participate in corporate social synergy
  • Have fun

CSS intelligently leverages capitalism and pivots it to serve the community by creating a win-win-win situation for corporations, social organizations and the community.