Solve the riddles, get the clues and find real treasure. It is that simple.

Step 2: Solve Riddles

Solve riddles as they come up on your feed by simply commenting on them.

Sample Riddle

Riddle: What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?

Your Answer: A penny.

Step 3: Get Clues

Every riddle you and your friends solve will reveal a clue

Sample Clues

  1. It's at the centre of the city
  2. It's next a place with the name ending in “Hall”
  3. It's in a country where a Bublé is from
  4. It's in a city with an Native American name
  5. It's surrounded by ice.

Treasure Location: It is in the middle of the ice ring, next to the Mississauga city hall in Canada ( Michael Bublé is from Canada)

Step 4: Find the Treasure

Use the clues to go out in the real world and find real buried treasure… first person to find it, keeps it.


Playing on Twitter and Facebook

It is always fun to play with friends so when you log in for the first time to check for your clues make sure to allow 1Click1Life to know who your friends are so that if they get the answer right you benefit by getting access to a clue. Don’t worry, unlike other applications we don’t ask to write on your time line or your friends time line.