The reason why 1Click1Life exists is because of the 2011 famine in Somalia and surrounding areas. It was this event that clearly demonstrated the need for an awareness campaign that engages people in different ways and compels them to take action. 1Click1Life is designed to engage and entertain it’s participants  with the goal of keeping them in the loop of what is happening around the world. It might seem to some that this campaign is making light of a situation and not taking it seriously. However it is quite the opposite. We take very seriously what is happening around the world but we also understand that certain messages have to be made palatable and presented in such a way that does not result in it getting ignored.

Majority of the people in the world haven not experienced the hunger endured by the Somalian people during the 2011 famine. They have not experienced the pain of not having enough food to feed their child and having their child die in their arms. When confronted with such horror it is unfortunate but it is also human nature to block  and ignore that information. Because if one were to fully let in that information our own experience would instantly change. So to preserve ones own experience we selectively pick and choose which information we are going to let in.  One of the reasons why there was so much apathy and lack of awareness of what was happening in Somalia around the world, was because the truth hurt and people were not even willing to investigate what they could do to solve an unfolding, preventable humanitarian disaster.

So 1Click1Life is an awareness campaign and game all rolled up into one.  Participants start the game with just 1 Click,  by subscribing to our pages on social media.  The game is simple to play, participants solve riddles, get clues and find real buried treasure and in the process they learn about humanitarian issues. Check out How to Play.

1Click1Life keeps people engaged and makes it in their best interest to keep playing and learning more about humanitarian issues. Participants are given incentives such as buried treasure and social rankings which keeps them engaged, entertained and propels them to spread the message. Participants are never inundated with information, they are simply given the opportunity to learn more. 1Click1Life presents information in such a way that it becomes difficult to ignore whats happening around the world and consequently it leads people to take action. Of course we are not so naive to think that this campaign is going to be effective on everyone, however we do expect this campaign to bring information to individuals who might not have otherwise gotten critical information. In the process if together we end up saving just 1 Life it would have been worth it.